Benefits of Check List as per ISO 9001

Checklists help us move quickly, be more efficient, and save time. This in turn allows us to focus on more creative activities. It helps us be more specific, and be more confident when delegating tasks.

Checklist allows to ensure not to forget any important steps.

  1. Productivity

 By having a checklist you can complete repetitive tasks more quickly and efficiently, and with fewer mistakes. This gives you more time in the day and assures fewer “fire drills.” You become more productive and accomplish more each day.

2. Make Delegating Easier

Checklists ensure that the essential tasks get done. Even if a step is very simple it can still be forgotten. Checklists also stop the use of ‘initiative’ by those following them, i.e. where they think they know better than those who designed the process.

When you have a list of tasks to do, it’s much easier to hand certain (or all) things over to someone else to handle, when you aren’t able to complete those tasks yourself.

Whether you are instructing someone to tackle just one thing from your list, or everything on it, having that checklist in front of you is going to make delegating a whole lot easier.

3. Save Time

They help avoid distractions by forcing you to only do the tasks that are on the checklist

Instead of going through your day trying to remember what you have to do, write your to-do list/checklist down on paper (or on your phone or computer).

Seeing a list of what you have to get done, instead of trying to remember it all, is going to save you a ton of time.

Checklists free the mind from having to remember the steps that need to be completed and worrying about the possibility of forgetting to do something.

4. Checklists can save time.

5. Checklists provide discipline and consistency

6. Checklists can improve productivity .

7. Reach Your Goals Quicker

Setting goals for yourself (financial and personal) is an important step in accomplishing what you want in life, and having checklists will help you to reach those goals quicker.

 Because when you break down your goals into bite-sized pieces, and add those pieces to your daily checklists), they seem much more attainable.

If you have set a goal to lose 20 pounds in 6 months, one item on your daily checklist could be to exercise. If you have set a goal to publish a book, one item on your daily checklist could be to write at least 1 page of that book. If you have set a goal to learn how to sew, one item on your daily checklist could be to learn how to set up your machine.

Goals are much easier to achieve when you break them down into smaller goals. Add items to your checklists that will help you to reach those goals and watch how fast those goals are reached. 


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