How to close all enquiries as per ISO 9001

  1. Build a Guideline

Once you’ve got the information above, outlining what has to happen, the next thing to do is to build a plan with all of the dates and the stages to success in it, so you can track whether the sale is closing according to plan. Then you can get some early warning if anything seems to be drifting off track.

2. Communication

 Lack of communication is one of the most common reasons why a deal stalls at the close. In the conversation above, you’ve presented all the information to the client and found out all the steps they have to take. But don’t let them disappear into a dark room to make those decisions. Anything can happen once the client starts having internal meetings about your product. It’s absolutely essential to continue to have regular discussions all the way through the closing process, so you can continue to reiterate the points that made your product so attractive, and understand if any new information emerges that changes the roadmap you learned in your internal close.

3. Remain calm and in control

The worst thing you can do is start to look nervous and worried – even if you are. After all, if you don’t show absolute belief in your product, why should your customer? So if you aren’t hitting all the steps on the roadmap, and new information is emerging, make sure you remain calm. So long as you stay absolutely sure this is going to work, they’re a lot more likely to do the same.

4. Follow up. Always!

It’s been said that sales does not happen on the first call or on the first touch. It often takes between 5 and 8 touches on multiple channels to close a deal. Here’s our newest guide on crafting the perfect follow-up email and a few other tactics to improve your follow-up cadence without seeming too pushy.

5. Urgency

The fear of missing out is a very powerful thing. An easy to implement tip to close deals faster is to create a sense of urgency.

Put a deadline on the deal and price to give the client an incentive to commit, so they don’t miss out. You can do this by creating a temporary price discount or offering a free add-on. Give the prospect the feeling they have the upper hand in the deal.

But, be careful not to rush the customer and end up pushing the sale away. Just present an extra reason why right now your product or service is the best choice for them.

6. Respond Quickly to Quote Requests

One of the things that can often take up too much time at a critical part of the buyer’s journey is when a lead requests a quote. A long wait at this point in the sales cycle can significantly impact the potential for close.

That is why automating your quote creation and responding quicker is a key tip in mastering how to close deals faster. Even the most complex quotes can be created in minutes using a Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) tool. Because the CPQ tools are often cloud-based, you can customize ready-made sales quote templates on any device to save substantial time.

CPQ tools are sometimes now included in sales CRMs or available as an easy-to-use add-on.

“Fundamentally, closing a deal should be the easiest part of a sales cycle “.There are a series of key milestones you have to hit in order to be in a position to close a deal. If those key milestones are done well, closing is the easy part because the work’s already been done.”


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