1. Purpose:

The purpose of this procedure is to provide guidance on communication, consultation and resolution of health and safety issues when they arise on an on-hired employment assignment.

2. Scope:

The procedure outlines the requirements for the communication of OHS information and workplace issue resolution responsibilities. The scope is applicable to XXXX management, employees and clients.

3. Responsibility:

Interested party or stakeholder as “a person or organization that can affect, be affected by, or perceive itself to be affected by a decision or activity”


Ensuring the participation of workers and appropriate involvement in hazard identification, risk assessments, determination of controls, incident investigation, development & review of policy & objectives and consultation & representation on OH&S matters affecting their OH&S and also consultation with contractors where changes could affect their OH&S.

A Safety Committee has been constituted by drawing members from Managerial & Worker cadre, with a fixed tenure of 3 years or site life period.  Apart from this, a safety towards were drawn representing various areas, whose primary focus is to identify unsafe practices and unsafe conditions.  Both these teams address OH&S related needs in “Bottom-Up” approach basis to the Top Management.

OHS Officer evolves structured training plan and conduct periodically the required training in linguistic language for workers familiarity towards hazard identification, risk assessment, risk control methods and reporting of incidents.  The proactive and reactive performance of OH&S system is also shared in such training delivery.

The MRM Minutes, particularly related to OH&S decisions are communicated to Safety  Committee and safety towards, so that the implementation is effective.

Top Management is also involved declaring safety award once in Quarter based on criteria such as

  1. Safety Award Checklist
  2. Accidents at site
  3. Labour / Staff ratio

This approach is primarily adopted for creating competitive environment among the project sites in HSE at sites.

Shop Safety Committee

Shop Safety committee and employees representative as its members.

Shop safety committee discusses the following issues in its agenda:

  1. Development & review of OHS policy and procedures.
  2. Changes that affect work place health & Safety.
  3. Suggestions / Complaints from employees.
  4. Status of OHS performance.
  5. Salient features of changes in the statutory & regulatory requirements.

Client is to record the proceedings and communicate to all Shop Safety – committee members and other concerned persons for necessary suitable action.

The above Procedure is to be followed for getting ISO 45001:2018 Certification.


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