1 Feedback from Students

1.1 Students of the college are given opportunity to record their impressions on the various functional areas of college where they are directly involved as customers.

1.2 Faculty members and their effectiveness of classes

  1.2.1 Within a month from the start of each semester, the feed back is gathered from students of each class.

  1.2.2 The questionnaire is prepared covering all areas of faculties ability of teaching, quality of learning, class-handling attitude, acceptance authority by students and general areas likes library, transport, food etc., where students are asked to record their opinion directly 

1.2.3 Students should not make any entry in the form which may lead to give any clue of his / her identity

  1.2.4 Space is earmarked for the students to express their opinion in few words why he/she has chosen to give the mark (tick mark in that particular column) for a particular item.

  1.2.5 it is ensured that the students fill up the form immediately without getting any chance to interact with others students to avoid being influenced by others.  

1.2.6 Feed back papers are bundled and kept under safe custody of HODs.

  1.2.7 The HODs go through the feed back does consolidated analysis strength and weakness of the faculty as opined by the students

   1.2.8 Students are asked to mention topics of difficulty and areas in which they require Guest Lecturer

2 Feedback from Parents

2.1 A questionnaire is prepared covering all general areas in which awareness is to be created among parents

2.2 The response forms from the parents are collected and assessment is made by the management and HOD in their respective areas.

2.3 In case of Students whose parents have not responded, students counselor will have person to person talk with the students and parents and ensure that  they take special interest in sending their response form without delay

2.4 Corrective action is done on areas where required by reviewing the consolidated report

3 Faculty Appraisal by HOD

            HOD will make use of students feed back about the faculty, his own observation about the faculties ability to handle classes effectively, Quality of the course material, quest for updating knowledge and sharing with others, zeal to pursue higher studies, conduct research ect., and to judge the faculty’s will to accept teaching as the profession. The appraisal should be impartial, subjective; progress oriented and should be true.

4 Self Appraisal

            The faculty should make self-appraisal of all the qualities he/has, which would be beneficial to all the concerned. It should reflect the area of interest, true facts about his/her strong points and weakness

5 Corrective and Preventive Actions

  5.1 The statement is prepared by the HOD on the students feed back.

5.2 Where there are areas for the faculty to improve upon., the same is intimated  to the Faculty by the HOD in a counseling meeting with faculty and gives necessary suggestions, guidance and advises the areas where improvements  are needed.

  5.3 In case of deficiencies of serious nature the faculty is issued with letter by HOD clearly mentioning the areas where he/she has to improve, the same is monitored and report sent to the Principal for his information and action

    5.4 Where the weakness is due to the deficiency in the system or is of general nature the same is discussed in the departmental meeting and a consensus arrived at regarding the solution and the suggestions is implemented like  aiding the faculty members with necessary training etc.

   5.5 Where serious complaints are received from the students regarding other facilities like library, hostel, TNEB, transport etc. management takes suitable corrective action in the MRM and the same is promptly recorded and implemented.


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