1       Preparation of students for University Examinations              

                        1.1.  The preparation starts with the scrutiny in advance whether any Student is yet to complete all the lab / workshop programmes as per the University syllabus.

                        1.2.  If any student is lagging behind the student shall be allowed to Complete the experiments during the time period allotted for the repeat lab / Workshop classes, as per the schedule prepared for such purposes.                         

1.3.  Model practical examination is conducted as per the practical Lesson plan during the last week of the class work for the Semester

1.4. The model lab / workshop exams are conducted in the same pattern as that of University examination. 

                        1.5.  It is insisted that all the experiments / exercises, observations and Record note books are corrected by the lab / Workshop in-charge before the student appear for the model examination.

                        1.6.  The lab-in-charge sets the question paper and conducts the model Examination.                       

1.7.  On the day of model examination, the students are asked to submit the record notebook first and then only they are allowed to attend the practical model examination. 

                        1.8.  The student signs the attendance sheet and picks up a question Paper at random from the set of question papers set.                       

1.9.  The student collects the answer sheet, graphs, charts required for the experiment / exercise.                        1.10.The student prepares the aim, apparatus required, tabular columns, Circuit diagrams, procedure for the specific experiment /exercise and gets the approval from the lab / workshop in-charge.

1.11.The student starts the experiment / exercise, notes down the required readings, completes the operations as per the procedure.                       

1.12. The student completes the calculations, graphs, etc. and submits the answer sheets along with the graphs, charts and work pieces as the case may be to the lab/ workshop in-charge.

                        1.13.Students who fail in the model exam have to repeat the model Exam, on the same day or immediately after as directed by the Lab-in-charge.

                        1.14.The lab / workshop in-charge evaluates the answer sheets immediately and inform the student his/her scores.                       

1.15.Only for those students who pass the model examination, the  Lab-in-charge signs bonafide certificate in the record book.           

2.      Planning

                        2.1.The university sends the schedule of timetable frame for Conducting the University Practical Examination.                       

2.2.The HOD’s prepare the individual department timetable for their Respective labs / workshops with register numbers of all students For all sessions.  

                        2.3.The number of sessions is decided based on the number of students that can be accommodated per session and the total number of  students appearing for the exams/ .

                        2.4. For labs / workshops which are under the control of other departments, the concerned HOD’s organizes a joint meeting and  prepare the timetable.

                        2.5.The Joint meeting ensures that there is no overlapping in the Practical exam programme either student-wise.                       

2.6.The HOD’s also decide who shall be internal examiners for the Entire lab / Workshop Programme.

                        2.7.  The eligibility criterion for a faculty to be considered as an internal Examiner as per University norms.                       

2.8.  The eligible members of the faculty who are willing to be internal examiners fill up relevant forms with details of name, age, address, designation, qualification, years of teaching experience. These Forms are collected by HOD’s and send them to the University  after getting approval from principal.

                        2.9.  HOD’s should get the timetable approved by Principal.

                        2.10. A copy of the approved timetable, with Lab / workshop name, number of sessions, register numbers of students for all sessions names of internal examiners appointed is sent them to the University by the registrar.                         

2.11.A copy of the timetable is exhibited on the notice board Prominently for the information of the students.           

3.      Organizing

                        3.1.The internal examiner based on the overall lab / workshops programmed decides the experiments for the lab / workshop exam.                                    

3.2.The lab / workshop in-charges check the equipment / tools and the  Entire system to be provided for the exam and ensures that everything is functioning properly.

                        3.3.The internal examiner prepares the question papers with the Consultation of external examiner and gets approval from the External examiner.

                        3.4.The internal examiner decides the number of assistants required and the specific faculty for such assistance and informs the same to the concerned HOD at least  a week in advance.

                        3.5.  The internal examiner obtains the following completed set of Forms and stationary required for conducting the University exam at least 2 days in advance forms the examination office.

                                    1.         Attendance sheet

                                    2,         Sheet for break up of mark allotment

                                    3.         Covers for answer sheets

                                    4.         Answer sheet covers

                                    5.         Foil cards.

                                    6.         Covers for foil cards.

                                    7.         Remuneration TA / DA for examiners.

                        3.6.The internal examiner enters the register number of all the students For all sessions in the attendance sheets date-wise at least one-day in advance.

                        4.3.7.The information about the external examiner posted for the college university is received by the Registrar and sent to the HOD’s and to the internal examiner for information and noting.

           4.      Conduct of Exam

                        4.1.  If the external examiner appointed by the University fails to turn up, the principal intimates the University and appoints an Externalexaminer preferably from nearby colleges which Comes under the same


4.2.  The University as an emergency basis approves this appointment  and during the period the exam programmes proceed under the supervision of the internal examiner, Principal and concerned HOD’s.  

                        4.3.  Students are allowed to enter the lab / workshop one by one in the Order of register numbers for that session.                        

4.4.  Students submit the record book at the time of entry to the lab/Workshop and also signs the attendance sheet.                        

4.5.  The question paper is picked by the student from a set of Question papers arranged in random order.                       

4.6.Students are strictly instructed to come in time and 30 minutes grace time is allowed, but without any compensation for the time lost due to the late arrival at the final stage of the experiment.

                        4.7.Answer sheets, graphs, charts that are ready are issued to students depending upon the experiments to be continued.                       

4.8.The break up of marks, pass mark, etc., is posted on board for the Information of the students.                       

4.9.Students prepare the following for the specific experiment /Exercises that are chosen and get the approval from one of the  Examiners.

                                                1.         Aim.

                                                2.         Apparatus Required.

                                                3.         Procedure.

                                                4.         Formulae.

                                                5.         Circuit Diagram.

                                                6.         Tabular Columns.      

                        4.10.Students start the experiment and noted down the required Readings, completes the operation as per the procedure.                       

4.11.Students complete the calculations, graphs, etc., and submit the answer sheets along with the graphs / work piece as the case may be in one of the examiners for evaluation.              

                        4.12.The external examiner conducts the viva-voce for tall the students and records the marks scored in the sheets of break of marks.                     

4.13.The internal and external examiners sign the bonafide certificate in the record notebook of all the students and records are assessed  and punctured.   

                        4.14.The students pickup the record notebook before he / she leaves the  Lab / Workshop after completing the examination.           

5.      Evaluation

                        5.1.The examiners evaluate the answer sheets the same day and record the breakup of marks in the answer sheets.                       

5.2.On the last day of the exams, the examiners enter the total marks in the foil cards against the register numbers of student and sign.                       

5.3.  The examiners put the answer sheets and foil cards in separate covers and seal them and paste a sheet on top containing the details.  

                                    1.         College

                                    2.         Lab /Workshop

                                    3.         Date of examination.

                                    4.         Name of the practical, code.

                                    5.         Number of students that actually attended.

                                    6.         Absentees.

                                    7.         Signature of the examiners.

                        5.4.The examiners complete the remuneration in TA / DA forms and Submit the same to the exam office along with the sealed answer Sheets and the foil card covers.

                        5.5.The exam office faculty makes the payment towards the Remuneration and TA / DA to the examiners on the last day of the exams, after the claims are thoroughly scrutinized.                   

                        5.6.The answer sheet covers, foil card covers remuneration and TA / DA forms of all the departments are collected and dispatched to the University by the office of registrar within 10 days after completion of the exams.                       

5.7The results of the practical exam after receiving the Communications from University are informed to the students.

The above procedure is to be followed for getting ISO 9001:2015 Requirement


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