Environmental Objectives and Plans for a Achieve them as per ISO 14001:2015 Certification

  1. Scope

The scope of the Register of Environmental Objectives and Targets is limited to activities that impact in the following environmental areas:

  • Solid and Hazardous Wastes;
  • Environmental Noise;
  • Air Quality;
  • Energy;
  • Water; and
  • Land.
  • Carbon Emissions

2. Objectives

  • Identify the overall objectives of The University of Queensland according to its Environmental Policy; and
  • Determine specific environmental targets that are quantifiable wherever possible.

3. Management

The Property and Facilities Division, Sustainability Office, is responsible for the preparation and review of the Register of Environmental Objectives and Targets in conjunction with relevant stakeholders.

The criteria for setting objectives and targets is that they must be achievable, financially viable, measurable, and within the scope of the University.

Environmental Objectives and Targets are set in order to improve the University’s environmental performance. The process for setting environmental objectives and targets is:

  • Objectives and targets are developed in conjunction with relevant stakeholders.
  • Prioritized environmental aspects, technological options, financial, operational, and legal requirements are considered when developing and/or reviewing the objectives and targets.
  • They are set in line with the Environmental Policy.
  • New objectives and targets are introduced when environmental aspects have been identified and prioritized for attention.

4. Monitoring and Reporting

The register of environmental objectives and targets will be updated by the Sustainability Office of the Property and Facilities Division as follows:

  • If new activities are commissioned or old activities are decommissioned;
  • If auditing results indicate changes in the status of the activities; and
  • If during the EMS review process, changes in circumstances, environmental legislation, regulations or standards warrant changes in the status of the activity.


  1. Activity

Specific operation (e. g incinerator), function or work which may or may not release emissions to the environment.

2. Environmental Objectives

Overall environmental aim, arising from the elements of the environmental policy, that an organization sets itself to achieve.

3. Environmental Targets

Detailed performance requirement, quantified where practicable, applicable to the organization or parts thereof, that arises from the environmental objectives and that needs to set and met in order to achieve those objectives.

The above Procedure is to be followed for getting ISO 14001:2015 Certification.


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