Many times, we can see the business owners, especially the small business owners are always busy. They do not have time for personal work, tours, exercise, yoga, etc., Many business owners think that being busy is always good.

The No:1 reason why the business owners do not get time is not the time management. It is lack of processes and systems, in their business.

What is the Process and System?

In any organization, all business activities flow in a sequence. If there is any error in the process flow, it will directly affect delivery, qualification and cost. Generally, these processes and systems one formed in a company by the employees who worked with various other organization. There will be no scientific approach. For any delivery issue, there is always a problem in the process.

So the business owner has to sit and write the process flow diagram, standard operating procedures and work Instruction. The business owner has to modify / improve these documents as and when new problems are arising. By doing so, within a year we can see lot of improvement in the delivery, quality, profit, customer satisfaction etc. More importantly, the business owners will get lot of time for doing personal work and business improvement work.

ISO 9001:2015, CMMI etc are some of the standards for quality in arrangement system. Every business owner should undergo training in these standards and implement in their organization. At any cost, the development of quality management system should not be delegated entirely to any staff. If there is any need for such delegation, the business owner should lead the team.

They do not have time to develop new products and new products as well.


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