The No.1 reason,why your business does not growth

        There are many reasons why a business does not grow. It could be, your competitor, your product, the price, Government taxes, employees etc. etc….But interestingly, the No.1 reason is none of these.

          The No.1 reason why a business does not grow is the self-employed mindset. Let me explain. There are four ways to bring money to us.

  1. Being Employee.
  2. Being a Self employed
  3. Doing Business.
  4. Doing Investment.

          Let us understand the difference between self employed and business. Self employed are those who work for themselves. Ex:- Lawyers, Consultants, Doctors etc. When we start our business, we generally ourselves work. As the organization grows, we do not leave our work or we do not delegate. We love to do all work by ourselves. This is due to fear of failure. So we are always busy. So we do not have time to think, work for future, developing new products and new market.

        So slowly start delegating your work, develop a team. Then only your organization will grow.

          The ISO 9001 standard for quality management system is well designed to achieve this.


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