* Decide What You Need.
    * Remove Unnecessary Clutter.
    * All Tools, Gauges, Materials, Classified And Then Stored.
    * Remove Items Which Are Broken, Unusable Or Only Occasionally Used.
    Red Tag Technique
    * Give Staff Red Labels.
    * Ask Staff To Go Through Every Item In The Work Place.
    * Ask If Needed & Those That Are Needed, In What Quantity.
    * Not Needed – Red Tag It.
    * Store In The Red Tag Area.
    For Wavering Items
    * Place The Suspected Items In The Red Tag Area For One Week.
    * Allow The Staff To Reevaluate The Needed Items.
    * At The End Of Week Those Who Need Items Should Be Returned.
    * Once you have eliminated all the unneeded items.
    * Now turn to the left over items.
    * Organise layout of tools and equipment.
    * Designated locations.
    * Use tapes and labels.
    * Ensure everything is available as it is needed and at the “point of use”.
    Workplace checkpoints:-
    * Positions of aisles and storage places clearly marked?
    * Tools classified and stored by frequency of use?
    * Pallets stacked correctly?
    * Safety equipment easily accessible?
    * Floors in good condition?
    * Create a spotless workplace.
    * Identify and eliminate causes of dirt and grime – remove the need to clean.
    * Sweep, dust, polish and paint.
    * Divide areas into zones.
    * Define responsibilities for cleaning.
    * Tools and equipment must be owned by an individual.
    * Focus on removing the need to clean.
    * Generate a maintenance system for the first three.
    * Develop procedures, schedules, practices.
    * Continue to assess the use and disposal of items.
    * Regularly audit using checklists and measures of housekeeping.
    * Real challenge is to keep it clean.
    * Means inoculate courtesy & good habits
    * Driving force behind all 5S
    * Deming’s point number 1: Constancy of purpose
    * Make it a way of life
    * Part of health and safety
    * Involve the whole workforce
    * Develop and keep good habits


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